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Research. Education. Advocacy. Development. (R.E.A.D.)

Mission statement

The Human Rights Research League (HRRL) is a non-governmental organization aiming at protecting individuals by placing acts contrary to human rights and international humanitarian law, systemic grievances as well as humanitarian emergencies on the agenda. HRRL seeks to contribute to knowledge and research based public discussion and problem analysis without geographical, political, confessional or other limitations or alignments.

As our name suggests, we are an organization primarily focused on research from the basis of a strong academic foundation. However, we recognize that lasting impact and positive change also depend on connecting academics and practitioners, combining research on root causes of human rights challenges with implementation of projects and policies addressing those grievances. 

To this end, we are engaged in four focus areas: Research. Education. Advocacy. Development. (R.E.A.D.), all with a view to bridging the gap between academic and practical approaches to human rights, and between problem analysis and implementation of solutions.


News & reports


Au-delà des camps: Radio Interview on the Kinshasa Conference released (in French)
2019-04-24 00:53 On 25 March 2019, Human Rights Research League, UNHCR and CEDESURK co-organized a conference in Kinshasa, DRC, on the Challenges of Inclusion and Integration of Refugees and IDPs in Host Communities t...
Beyond Encampment: Kinshasa Colloquium ('Au-delà des camps') organized by Human Rights Research League, UNHCR and CEDESURK
2019-04-23 12:05 On 25 March 2019, Human Rights Research League, UNHCR and CEDESURK co-organized a conference on the Challenges of Inclusion and Integration of Refugees and IDPs in Host Communities. Academics, civil s...
Beyond Encampment: International Expert Meeting Report on Mass Migration Management released
2018-12-12 02:24 On 2 November 2018, Human Rights Research League (HRRL) and the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) convened an International Expert Meeting on 'Beyond Encampment: Managing Mass Migration in an A...
Op-ed on the Root Causes of Refugee Crises and Strategies for Development Aid
2018-11-02 08:44 "If we are to reduce the number of refugees on a global basis, instead of simply limiting the number of refugees reaching the shores of Europe, we need to address the real, underlying root causes of f...
Genocide Conference video available
2018-09-10 18:03 On September 6-7, 2018, an international conference on 'The UN Genocide Convention at 70: The Politics of Mass Atrocity Prevention' took place at the Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Mino...
Beyond Encampment seminar report available
2018-04-24 00:01 On 10 April 2018, Human Rights Research League successfully held a seminar at the University of Oslo on the challenges posed by mass migration regarding urban areas, refugee camps, and potential futur...

Conferences & calls

On April 13, 2021, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM (EST), Richard Falk, one of the preeminent international law scholars and advocates of his generation, will be joining a conversation to discuss his newly published political memoir, Public Intellectual: The Life of a Citizen Pilgrim. The event will be hosted by the Promise Institute for Human Rights at the UCLA School of Law. For more information and to register, please see the event announcement.

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