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The Human Rights Research League (HRRL) is a non-governmental organization aiming at protecting individuals by placing acts contrary to human rights and international humanitarian law, systemic grievances as well as humanitarian emergencies on the agenda. HRRL seeks to contribute to knowledge and research based public discussion and problem analysis without geographical, political, confessional or other limitations or alignments.

As our name suggests, we are an organization primarily focused on research from the basis of a strong academic foundation. However, we recognize that lasting impact and positive change also depend on connecting academics and practitioners, combining research on root causes of human rights challenges with implementation of projects and policies addressing those grievances. 

To this end, we are engaged in four focus areas: Research. Education. Advocacy. Development. (R.E.A.D.), all with a view to bridging the gap between academic and practical approaches to human rights, and between problem analysis and implementation of solutions.


News & reports


On Feb. 12, 2020, Human Rights Research League Chairman Tom Syring gave the American-Scandinavian Foundation Visiting Lecture in New York City on 'The Rule of Law and Forced Migration'. The lecture discussed the current rise in the number of people who have been forcefully displaced and the challenges posed by new patterns of displacement as well as the complex issues behind responses by states and regional organizations. Drawing on ongoing research projects, including a collaboration in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the talk looked into some of the root causes of conflict and inherent drivers of migration underlying current global crises, as well as the nexus between the (lack of) rule of law, development, and forced migration.


For further details, please see the lecture announcement.


A video of the lecture is also available.


Conferences & calls

Call for Papers: Understanding Solidarity under International and EU Refugee Law, April 15, 2021
2021-02-07 02:37 The European Society of International Law (ESIL) Interest Group on Migration and Refugee Law is organizing a side event on 15 April 2021 within the framework of this year's ESIL Research Forum ('Solid...
7th Joint Human Rights (Virtual) Conference on Human Rights and Foreign Policy, June 14-16, 2021
2021-01-31 01:33 The International Studies Association (ISA) Human Rights section announces that submissions for the next joint human rights conference on the topic of Human Rights and Foreign Policy, to be held onlin...
Online Expert Roundtable on the Rohingya Genocide, January 29, 2021
2021-01-28 14:12 On January 29, 2021, from noon-1:00 pm (EST), the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG) will host an Expert Roundtable on the Rohingya Genocide. For further information and to register, pl...
Webinar on Sanctions against the International Criminal Court: Constitutional and International Issues, January 27, 2021
2021-01-25 22:50 On January 27, 2021, from 12:00pm-2:00pm, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law will host a webinar on Sanctions against the International Criminal Court: Constitutional and International Issues. In June ...
Webinar on COVID-19, Climate Change, and International Law, February 16, 2021
2021-01-24 02:06 In common with global climate change, the current COVID-19 pandemic is at once a global and a local crisis. It has exposed and exacerbated structural inequalities, disrupted local and global economies...
Webinar on External Support to Democracy and Human Rights Movements: Proposing a Doctrine of a Right to Assist, February 2, 2021
2021-01-24 01:44 A growing body of evidence shows that nonviolent civil resistance movements are integral to driving democratic development, and therefore long-term stability and peace in the world. This raises the qu...
Virtual Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law, March 24-26, 2021
2021-01-24 00:49 From March 24-26, 2021, the American Society of International Law will convene its 115th Annual Meeting. This year's conference theme will be: "Reconceiving International Law: Creativity in Times of C...
Online: NORAD Conference 2021: A New Start - Together or Every State for Itself?, January 26-27, 2021
2021-01-23 10:50 This year's annual NORAD Conference will take on the global pandemic, economic stagnation, greater inequality, threats to democracy and free speech, and related topics that all marked 2020. The NORAD ...
Conference on The ICC's Contribution to the Development and Enforcement of International Humanitarian Law, Palacký University, Faculty of Law, Olomouc, Czech Republic, February 11-12, 2021
2021-01-13 19:15 The Centre for International Humanitarian and Operational Law (CIHOL) and the Palacký University, Faculty of Law, in Olomouc (Czech Republic) have the pleasure to invite you to a conference on the “IC...
Conference on Partnered Operations and International Law, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, September 24, 2021
2021-01-13 19:15 Partnered operations where states partner among themselves, with armed groups or with international organisations are nowadays commonplace, from peacekeeping to combat operations. Partnered operations...
ESIL Research Forum, Department of Law, University of Catania, Italy, April 15-16, 2021
2021-01-13 19:14 The next ESIL Research Forum is now reschedueld to take place on 15-16 April 2021 at the Department of Law, University of Catania, Italy. The ESIL Research will address the topic: 'Solidarity: The Que...
Workshop on Contested Norms of International Peace and Security Law, Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany, May 6-7, 2021
2021-01-13 19:13 The Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) is organizing a two-day workshop on Contested norms of international peace and security law, taking place at the Max Pl...
Conference on Groups and Spaces in International Economic Law: Focus on the BRICS Countries, St. Petersburg State University, Russia, May 20-21, 2021
2021-01-13 19:11 The purpose of the international conference, now rescheduled to take place 20-21 May 2021 and co-organized by the ESIL Interest Group on International Economic Law and St. Petersburg State University,...

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